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About Us

Frank's TV is the place to go for a wide range of your technology needs.

We offer a variety of services and products including Verizon Wireless, Dish Network and a fully stocked RadioShack.

Stop in today to see what we have in store for you!


Meet Our Sales Team


Tanya Hanson joined Frank's TV in 2002 as a  Sales Associate. After 5 years of service for Frank and Carol Poell, she decided to purchase the company.

Throughout the years since, Tanya has helped Frank's TV grow and adapt to the ever-changing industry. In 2009, they became a Verizon Wireless carrier.

Tanya enjoys working alongside her staff, striving to provide accommodating and resourceful customer service. She excels when faced with multiple tasks, no matter the level of demand from her customers.

With three busy teenagers, she loves that each day presents new and exciting challenges, making every day different from the one before!


Holli Sampson has enjoyed a full year with Frank's TV and loves interacting with her customers. She is perceptive and organized, in turn providing a level of customer service we can all appreciate.
Holli specializes in product display and being in tune to her customersí requests. She tries to think from a consumerís point of view when executing varies displays and product placement.

When Holli is not tending to her customers at Frank's TV she enjoys being involved with her children and their busy schedules including various sports and extra-circular activities!


Jake Ost is the latest addition to the Franks TV lineupóbeing the only male, he offers diversity to the customer service crew. Throughout his time at Frank's TV, Jake has proved to be highly adaptable and accommodating to any variety of issues that have arose.

Jake strives to better serve his customers with his organization skills and expedited service. When receiving assistance from Jake, customers know they will be well taken care of and their questions will be answered.

In his free time, Jake is an avid outdoorsman and devoted sports fan.


No team would be complete without support staff!  Here is a list of additional members of our sales team:

Meagan Beaudry
CJ Fichter
Missy Lundgren
Kyle Hanson
Haley Hanson

Store Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm, Sat 9 am - 4 pm

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